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Post Officers 2019-20

Commander:      Stuart Reeves 479-228-4404- commander@siloampost29.org
1st Vice Comdr:    Lawrence 'Chuck' Lankford 479-524-6640 - lawrencelankford1947@gmail.com
2nd Vice Comdr:  Mike Henry 479-220-0305 -Mike.henry360@live.com
Adjutant:              J.W. Smith 479-549-4448 - jw-post29@cox.net
 Treasurer:           Jim Gillig 918-791-4448 - jim1.amlegion@gmail.com

 Chaplain:            David Evans        

 Service Officer:  Jerry Cavnes

Sgt-At-Arms:        Jerry Langley

Historian:    Sam Grimes

Executive Committee Member: Larry Buckminster

Executive Committee Member: George Grimm


Sons of the Legion Squadron Commander: Josh Robinson, Jr.  (479)238-6181:jrrobinson1203@gmail.com

The American Legion Riders Director:Jim Gillig  (918)791-4448 jim1.amlegion@gmail.com

479-752-7081 - PTLDave3@yahoo.com

479-228-3561 - jvcavness@cox.net

479-957-5992 - langark1953@gmail.com

479-233-0557 - s-e.enterprises@att.net

479-427-9990 - kaybuck43@gmail.com

248-417-5893 - grimm_george@yahoo.com





The American Legion Auxiliary President: Marie Wilbanks (850)520-0335



                                                                  S.A.L Officers 2017-18

Commander: Josh Robinson, Jr.
1st Vice Commander: Stuart Reeves
Adjutant: Joshua Robinson
Historian: Joshua Robinson


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